Saturn 2 TDI DEX 6″ x 23.0″ (Raw)


Revolutionary Design

US Patent #8,528,921

Deck Size

– 6.0″W x 23.0″L




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The Saturn 2 DEX are the pinnacle of our TDI Deck Lineage. It will have the same ride and feel as the Saturn 1 since it is cut from the same extrusion profile with our signature “Drop-Top” Technology where we Drop the Top of the 2 outer channels below the center channel creating a center ridge for extra traction and to reduce weight. RAW Brushed Aluminum Finish with BLACK Laser Engraving gives these decks a look all their own and does not require you to break in your new deck by wearing down the paint or anodize to get it grinding good!


1) The 6x outer TDI holes have been slightly enlarged so the lock washers can pass through the holes with your allen key instead of fishing them from the inside of the channel. This includes the counterbores where the washers seat, allowing them to tighten totally flush, evenly distributing and increasing the pressure on the TDI joint. This means it will stay tighter, longer and stronger and easier to install.

2) The lower wheel well cut-out has been enlarged and reshaped to allow both better brake hardware access and to accommodate all Next-Generation “square/flat” 30mm wheel profiles from River and PROTO; currently sampled with the new @RiverWheelCo 115×30.

3) Graphic update: 6 for 6-Inch replaced with II for Version 2.

4) Batch Numbering: Now that production is totally in-house we can control when and how many of each DEX we produce, we will begin marking them in a way for you to identfy when your product was made and also for us to monitor our Quality Control and trace back any manufacturing issues should they arise. Collectors can contact us or @AndrewBroussard for designations and identifications.

ATTENTION: [DECK-ENDS] MUST be ridden with ALL TDI DEX or the Warranty will be voided!



TDI is a system of compatibility. This system was designed so that the deck and neck/headtube are separate components that are mated together utilizing a tongue and groove system with bolts to keep everything in place. The TDI system allows for interchangeable neck/decks allowing for maximum customization and upgrades of  a single deck or neck. When your deck wears out on a TDI system you only need to replace the deck itself instead of the entire neck/deck assembly like a one piece deck. Watch the original TDI Debut Video to learn how it works. 

The new Patent Pending PROTO Universal Braking System (UBS) is an update from the original 6-hole UBS system from 2010. The new UBS SLOT is the the world’s first fully adjustable brake mounting system, integrated into the deck itself, that allows for your brake size and weight to be minimized while still providing the flexibility for you to run any size wheel on your deck while also letting you fine tune your brake sensitivity. Nuts, washers and sockets have been eliminated with its integrated threads. Simply loosen the bolts with an Allen key, slide the brake lever to your desired position and tighten it down! UBS technology is featured on all PROTO Orion and Space decks.

The PROTO Orion and Space decks are the world’s first decks to feature Flush Mount Technology. FM Tech allows you to trash your old “cone” shaped pegs which are notorious for bending axles and being incompatible with wider decks and allows you to start using straight Cylindrical Pegs and Deck-Ends which provide superior impact support all the way to your drop-outs. With Flush Mount Technology, the Peg/Deck-End Diameter is now standardized so the dropouts of the deck can perfectly contoured to fit your Pegs and Deck-Ends which allows the full width of your deck extrusion to provide an additional level of support on Peg/Deck-End impact. PROTO will be offering Pegs and Deck-Ends in a variety of materials from plastic to aluminum to steel, so your options will be virtually endless to suit any riding style or preference!

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Weight 2.302 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 4 in


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