PROTO Euro Vacation

In the second installment of the PROTO Vacation Series, hot off the heels of a week long filming mission for Dissidence Coalition in Barcelona, Spain, the boys take a two week trip filming and visiting shops throughout Europe. In search of good times and good spots their journey takes them through Alicante-Spain, Lyon-France, Brussels-Belgium, Copenhagen & Aarhus-Denmark, & Berlin-Germany.

Sincerest thanks to all of our valued and most legit dealers & hosts for your hospitality and guidance abroad. Thank you for your support making this memorable experience possible. Much love!

Parrish Isaacs @parr.ish
Jake Sorensen @sorensenjake
Matt McKeen @mcspleen
Andrew Broussard – @andrewbroussard
David Coe @davidlcoe

Edited by : Matt McKeen
Filmed by : Parrish Isaacs, David Coe, Matt McKeen, Andrew Broussard, Jake Sorensen

молчат дома – тишина
Lil Ugly Mane – Uneven Compromise
Death in June – The Calling (Mk II)

Made possible by:
Centrano Distribution – @centranodistribution
Slideline (Alicante, Spain) – @slideinline
CDK (Lyon, France) – @cdk_scooter_shop
Authentique (Lyon, France) – @authentiquescootershop
ScootWorld (Copenhagen, Denmark) – @scootworldhellerup
SkatePro (Copenhagen, Denmark) – @skatepro & @skatepro.scoot
Mills (Copenhagen, Denmark) – @mills_1981
Scooters United (Berlin, Germany) – @scootersunited

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