About Us


Established 2008
PROTO Scooters is a rider based freestyle scooter company founded by
Andrew Broussard in San Diego, California. Andrew grew up an action sports enthusiast then with the advent of the new aluminum push scooters in the early 2000’s he began trying to emulate the freestyle tricks he idolized in so many other action sports into this new medium. The scooters of that time were not designed to withstand the abuse of this new freestyle domain and required a bag of spare parts and tools along for every ride to be able to finish a session. Longing for purpose built freestyle scooter components that could withstand the demands of this new trick riding, he began the laborious task of modifying every part of a stock scooter to determine what characteristics were actually required and how to achieve them. After years of trial and error, designs refined and manufacturing knowledge learned, the world’s first freestyle scooter company was born, PROTO scooters.


To Standardize

As the popularity of the sport grew, the industry experienced an influx of OEM scooter brands who began flooding the market with re-branded toy scooters to supply a demand with no knowledge of the real world requirements of freestyle scooter riding. Most of these brands had no concept of performance or component compatibility and ended up filling the industry with scooters that, yet again, fell short of riders expectations. PROTO is much more than just another scooter company. Our mission is to bring standards of manufacturing and scooter design to our industry with the needs of our fellow scooter riders as our top priority.


Technological Advancement

With two United States Patents awarded for our Standard Compression System (US Patent #8,657,522), our Tunglok Deck Integration (US Patent #8,528,921) and others pending on designs which have revolutionized and will effectively standardize the entire construction and assembly of modern day freestyle scooters, we pride ourselves in being on the innovative forefront of freestyle scooter product development and design. These advancements did not come easily and actually spent years prior in the prototyping phase of design, hence the name “PROTO” accompanied by a stylized 5 spoke “plastic” wheel as our logo as a tribute to the old technology we once used as the foundation for everything we have created.


Standard Compression System (SCS) Debut 2009

Tunglok Deck Integration (TDI) Debut 2011


The Backbone

As PROTO parts and PROTO ideas began circulating through the community we began attracting like minded individuals who supported our mission. Many have come and many have gone but everyone who has been a part of our team has further defined who we are, what we are doing and where we are going.


Onward & Upward

Since it's inception, PROTO has built one of the strongest names and brand followings in the industry because at our core we are riders; designing, manufacturing and distributing freestyle scooter products to supply other riders with the best aftermarket components available in the industry. You can count on PROTO to continue leading the industry with tireless progression and unsurpassed quality for millennium to come because we are that futuristic.