Matt McKeen Signature “Lightbringer” Baby SCS Out Now!

Like PROTO, McKeen has helped guide the way for scootering since the early 2000’s. The “Lightbringer” SCS is Matt’s first signature part for PROTO & symbolizes the following that both rider & company have created in the industry. Featuring an all over pad print based on a sketch from the man himself. The PROTO Baby-SCS (Standard Compression System) is one of the most solid SCS Clamps around. In fact, it is the first and original 3 Inch SCS in the Industry and continues to be the leader of the pack. The Baby SCS represents the timeless original innovations of the riders who started the forward progress of the Scooter Industry. The creation and development of this product set the standard for all to follow. The Baby-SCS will ONLY work with standard size bars. 100% Made in San Diego, California by riders for riders. PROTO – Stickers included! Only available at a dealer near you.

Front - Matt McKeen Signature Lightbringer Baby SCS
Side - Matt McKeen Signature Lightbringer Baby SCS