Andrew Broussard

Andrew Broussard Treasure Island
Exploring on Treasure Island, San Francisco, California - 2014

AKA - Scoots, Buff. Andrew is the founder of PROTO Scooters as well as The Scooter Resource and Scooter Con and is considered by many to be the Godfather of Scootering. He was born and raised in San Diego, California and was captivated by action sports at an early age. In 2000, with the inception of the modern day aluminum push scooter and his ability to translate his passion for bicycles and motorcycles to something very similar, he found a new calling. Andrew founded The Scooter Resource in 2003 and went on to develop a line of aftermarket scooter components under the “SR” brand which later evolved into PROTO Scooters in 2008. Andrew's designs and innovations have influenced nearly every aspect of scooter design and construction from the introduction of a threadless fork and compression system to freestyle scooter specific wheels and Y-shaped handlebars. He holds the United States Patent for the Standard Compression System (SCS) as well as the Tunglok Deck Integration (TDI) deck system. In 2010 Andrew began touring with Nitro Circus Live making him the world’s first freestyle scooter rider to travel with a live action sports show and later that year produced the industry’s first full length freestyle scooter film entitled PROTO – Catalyst 2010. Andrew believes that no matter how good something gets, it is always a PROTOtype for better things to come and he plans to continue delivering the future.

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