Random 110mm 5-Spoke Blem Wheel (1-Wheel)


Luck Of The Draw


This product is only available periodically based on production rejects. See FAQ below for more info.




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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is a “blem” wheel?
A: “blem” is short for “blemished” and by definition means something that has a small mark that makes the appearance of that thing less attractive.

Q: What kind of blemishes are typical with these wheels?
A: The most common blemish with these wheels are tiny air bubbles or wrinkles on the edge of the urethane but can also include scratches or dings on the anodized core, missing or smeared printing on the urethane graphic, crooked or incomplete laser engraving graphics on the core or stained/off-color urethane/core.

Q: Do these blemishes effect the performance of these wheels?
A: No. Blemishes are strictly cosmetic defects which prevent us from selling these wheels as “first-quality” but they will perform the same as any other PROTO wheel.

Q: Do these wheels come with a warranty?
A: No. Due to the fact that these wheel are being sold at a substantially discounted rate, warranty for this product is not available. If you need the security of a warranty on your purchase, please visit your local PROTO Dealer for a full selection of first-quality PROTO wheels that carry our unbeatable warranty.

Q: Can I choose the color of my wheel?
A: No. Due to the nature of this product it is impossible to keep accurate inventory of every color combination of blems, in fact, some of these colors do not actually exist in normal production and will most likely never exist again after they are sold. If you want a specific color, please visit your local PROTO Dealer to find the exact color you are looking for.

Q: Can I choose between Grippers or Sliders?
A: No. Due to the fact that some of the wheels are missing their urethane print that calls out which type of wheel it is, it is not possible to tell the difference between Grippers and Sliders. If you have a specific preference, please visit your local PROTO Dealer to choose between Grippers or Sliders.

Q: If I order two wheels will I get a matching pair?
A: No. We guarantee that if you order multiple wheels they will all be different and randomly selected. If having matching wheels is important to you, please visit your local PROTO Dealer for a full selection of matching PROTO wheels.

Q: Do blem wheels come with bearings installed?
A: Yes. All blem wheels have new PROTO Murder bearings and spacers installed.

Q: When will random blem wheels be available for purchase again?
A: Ideally, never. As we refine our production techniques we constantly strive to improve our wheel quality and minimize our blemished product. In reality though, perfection is difficult to achieve so from time to time we will be adding random blem wheels as they are removed from production. Make sure you sign up for a our MAILING LIST and follow us on SOCIAL MEDIA for any and all updates as soon as they are announced!

Q: Is this price for a single wheel or a pair of wheels?
A: This price is for ONE SINGLE wheel! If you want two wheels you need to add “2” to your cart. Please reference the FAQ’s above for details about wheel selection.

Q: How gnarly can I get with these wheels?
A: Very, very gnarly.

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 4.25 × 1 in