Classic Full Core Sliders 110mm (Black On Black)



1 Pair

2 Wheels

Slider Formula

Harder, Stronger, Durable

Wheel Size



Customize your new FULL CORE GRIPPERS or SLIDERS (Black on Black) by choosing one of our new Sacred Geometry Flash Art inspired graphics to have laser engraved for FREE! Click the thumbnail image to view the artwork. Once you have decided which artwork you want simply click the box that has the number associated with the artwork before adding to cart. These Flash graphic options will only be available for FULL CORE (BLACK ON BLACK) WHEELS sold during the month of April 2023 and will be dated to authenticate their limited release!


Harder, stronger and durable. Sliders™ are formulated for high-impact and responsiveness. Featuring BUFF Core Technology which helps absorb impact, reduce de-hubbing and create a smoother ride. All PROTO wheels are manufactured with bearing removal slots for quick and easy replacement. All PROTO wheels are pre-installed with PROTO Murders bearings. Limited 90-day warranty against chunking and de-hubbing. Made in California!

Additional information

Weight 1.16 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 4.25 × 2 in