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Zack Martin – Video Part and Interview

I got a text from Andrew Broussard saying that Zack Martin wanted to release his video part on Scooter Resource. I thought he released a full part for ADVCT only a few months ago, and he did. So how was it possible that he had another full part already? The dude kills it constantly, it’s the only explanation needed. Sit back and enjoy North County’s number one dude, Zack Martin.

Zack Martin Interview

What is the reason you are putting out this video part?

Every weekend me and my buddies such as Sam Dybeck, Hunter Treviranus, Ryan Day, Riley Eble ect go out to spots and film. Im always getting footage because of how much we ride. I ended up filming my banger for this video sooner than I expected and I have been one upping myself a lot lately… I guess its on to the next one.

How long did you film for?

Just over 4 months.

Since you are from the San Diego area was it mostly filmed around there?

Definitely, I would say around 90% of the video.

Do you like riding in Los Angeles or San Diego better?

I have only been to Los Angeles a handful of times and from what I have ridden there in the past was amazing! San Diego is pretty blown out, theres just nothing new, everything has been “Boned”- Ryan Day. Id choose LA.

You are part of the Trendy Crew. Have you been doing anything lately since everybody released their full parts?

We make Kill cam videos with Abe’s VX, which are basically fun park and street Videos. There really just the boys messin’ around haha. I am working on putting together an HD series called “CrewTage” so be on the lookout for that!

You recently got added to the ADVCT team. How is that going?

Their product is awesome and just starting to release more and more as the company grows, cant thank them enough.

The scooter scene in Vista, California has been non existent until a couple years ago. Is it thriving now?

It has picked up a ton in the last 2 years. Me and my buddy Andy Rea used to ride the local park in late 2009 when it would only be us on scooters, and 20-30 skaters. Now a days the skatepark is flooded with scooter kids, a lot of the time twice as many scooters as skaters. Because of Freestyle Depot also in Vista it has gotten kids interested in scooters which is cool.

Is Albertacos the best mexican food in the world?

Truly I prefer Senior Ponchos. Its a mexican food place in an old train, its pretty rad. I grew up going there and will continue to support it for as long as I live around here.

Does high school seem like a novelty because you are a pro scooter rider?

Well I consider school as a waste of time because they don’t teach us a damn thing that will be useful for my future. Although I have to take it seriously because I know scootering wont last forever. And I don’t really consider myself as a pro scooter rider, maybe one day.

Do you have any plans as far as video parts or anything else after this video?

Id really like to align myself with a solid team that I could help represent and hopefully make a difference for the better. For now I will continue making videos like I have done for the past few years.