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West Campus Trick Fixes

West Campus skatepark in Columbus, Ohio, is one of my favorite skateparks. Most people think it is a terrible skatepark but I have some of the best sessions there. I learned most of the tricks I do today at West Campus skatepark from hours of pushing around a tennis court with ramps slapped on it. The possibilities are endless here because you can move the ramps into any position. I still learn new tricks all the time at this skatepark so I’ll quickly film them with my iPhone or Flip camera.

Yes, this video is filmed entirely with an iPhone and a Flip camera. I get to see how tricks look before I go and do them in the streets with a real camera. Since I session the skatepark with the local Columbus riders so often, I decided to film some of the best tricks of my friends daily sessions and make a montage of it. This is as close as it gets to street riders “training”.

Featuring Dylan Kasson, Josh Smukal, Max Lemonds, Chris Dant, and Kyle Arnholt