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ScooterCON 2014

ScooterCON SD7 Recap

January 4, 2014 will soon mark 8 years of fierce, history making competition and an unparalleled grassroots outpouring of support from the riders and companies who create the backbone of the freestyle scooter industry.  The San Diego series is the longest running consecutive event of its kind second only to X-treme Wheels in Buffalo, New York, started by Matt Dibble in the Summer of 2006.  Soon after XW1 kicked off, Dustin Nooner and Andrew Broussard (both SD locals) began collaborating with the Mission Valley YMCA Skatepark in San Diego.  By December of that year the first annual San Diego scooter competition had taken shape in the form of what we now refer to as SD1.

To say “and the rest is history” would truly be an understatement.  The SD series has seen nearly every top pro in the freestyle scooter industry in attendance not only competing for record breaking pro cash purses but the prestigious title of SD Champion.  Over the past 7 years we have witnessed some of the most memorable moments in professional scooter riding along with some of the most memorable moments in younger riders careers on their paths to the pro title.  At SD3 alone we witnessed a young Dakota Shuetz take first place in the Amateur Division and an even younger Cameron Ward win the Beginner Title.

Now, two of our industries most competitive park riders, we have seen them along with countless others rise through the ranks pushing the limits of their riding and the boundaries of our sport right here in San Diego.  Dakota is now the two time defending champion of the series and only shares the title with the likes of Cary Mosbrucker, Matt Mckeen, Capron Funk, Josh Kisk and Tyler Bonner, who, for that moment in time, were the best riders in the world.

Below: Dakota Shuetz taking first place in the Amateur Division

Previous SD Winners

1) Cary Mosbrucker 1) Matt Mckeen 1) Capron Funk
2) Casey Corning 2) Steve Wilson/Brian Murphy 2) Raymond Warner
3) Anthony Bustos 3) Tyler Bonner
1) Josh Kish 1) Tyler Bonner 1) Dakota Schuetz
2) Ryan Williams 2) Raymond Warner 2) Ryan Williams
3) Jaxon Andrawartha 3) Dakota Schuetz 3) Raymond Warner
1) Dakota Schuetz
2) Vincent Kudrna
3) Jeremy Malott/Peter Junsberger
There have been so many memorable moments over the years it is impossible to sit here and name them all but there are a few that must never be forgotten:
  • Stan Smirnoff making a name for himself year after year flying higher than anyone else on some of the biggest ramps in competition.
  • Zig Short gapping from the street course, over the fence into the concrete pool.
  • Raymond Warners rankings and consistency in the Pro division… o and the first buttercup.
  • Chandler Dunn heelclickering off the biggest death drop at the park.
  • Big Ron sessing best trick on a handrail lit only by a swarm of fire-fly-like cell phone lights.
  • That one time Andrew Broussard actually competed in something.
  • Spending two days of SD7 battling intermittent rain packed in the main office like sardines witnessing one of the greatest foosball battles of all time between Dan Barrett/Jon Reyes and Dakota/Gary Shuetz.
  • Ryan Williams…
  • Dakota Schuetz…………………………
  • Stevon Wilson on a podium.  Ride In Peace my friend.


The SD series always encouraged companies to participate and help support the event but when the event first started, the sport was small and so was the company turnout.  As the years went by, the industry grew along with the event and new companies began to take notice.  In 2010 alone Madd Gear brought their entire team up from Australia to compete at SD4.  That was when we realized that the SD event had officially been recognized as one of the premiere scooter events on the globe.

From that point forward steps were taken to encourage more and more companies to become involved with the event and in 2012 the event started being promoted as “Scooter Con”.  San Diego, California is no stranger to trade shows and conventions so it was only natural to allow the evolution of the event to follow the path of so many others. SD6 marked the first year that the event was not only geared and promoted towards the riders and competitors but also towards the industry and businesses that contribute to the sport in the form of an industry wide, international tradeshow for companies to showcase what they had in store for the new year.

For more information on this years upcoming ScooterCON SD8, visit www.scootercon.com