Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Jackson Manzie Interview.

Jackson. He's one of my favorite riders, and I havent got to meet him yet but I'm hoping that when hes back in the states that I'll get to ride with him! He's one of the very few true street riders in the land down under and that street style got him a spot on the Proto team not to long ago. So I hit him up and asked him some questions about Proto, riding, and his life I guess.

So your the newest member of the Proto team, hows that feel?

Fucking ganster. Yeah it's good man it's exactly where i want to be so im very happy.

How did you even get on Proto? Kinda random ya know? A street rider from Aus just getting on Proto. I dont think many people saw that coming.

I didn't spend much time with Andrew so im not entirely sure why he asked me, but I think dylan and alex might have helped that one along. I know he liked my video and it all went from there I guess.

Hell yea that must of felt sick to have Andrew ask you, I heard that another U.S company was hitting you up to get on there team? Care to go into that at all?

Lucky was interested. But I made the choice to go with Proto. I won't say anything more than that i dont think it's my business to.

Worddd yea I respect that, Lucky is tight tho, tons of homies on the team. But there is always talk of the next Proto DVD, are you going to film for that after the LUX DVD comes out?

Because i dont own an NTSC camera i cant exactly film for proto over here. So i think the plan is im going to try and film my whole part for Andrew when im over there again in June. Lux will just be whatever i film here.

Ahhh yea good point, You know i got you on a NTSC VX1000 if you need one for a while! haha hows the LUX dvd going though? You been stacking alot of clips for your part?

Not exactly, ive got like maybe 10 clips filmed. We're just going out and filming whatever and then we'll decide later what we want to keep. We're all pretty relaxed about it. And andrew might send me a vx for a while, so i might hit you up on that though. Some of the stuff ive filmed ive never done before so i like what ive filmed so far.

Yea man forsure! Thats cool though that you guys are pretty chill about filming. So you said your coming back to cali this year. How long you staying this time? You know yet?

Hopefully longer maybe 2-3 months. Not entirely sure yet it'll depend on how much dough i can save up, im not doing too well so far haha.

What city would you say was your favorite the last time you were in cali?

San Fransiscooooo. Nice food, nice hills, nice scenery, liberal population, nice spots. Tonnes of little nooks and crannies to explore in that city, it reminded me of sydney a little.

Oh hell yea man that was by far my favorite to. Everything there is so crazy, the hills, people, buildings, everything is just tight. You just got a new dog a few weeks ago, tell us about him! haha

He's a sausage dog and his name is courage.

Andrew also has a sausage dog, did you ever get to meet buddy dog? haha he's a pretty rad little dog (Buddy Dog is blind, deaf, and has the most gnar scar on his back from getting stuck under a fence)

Yeah I never met buddy dog but he's had some crazy adventures by the looks of it. I've had dachsunds in my house my whole life because my mum loves them, they're hilariously awesome dogs

Yea they are pretty awesome. So do you ever hang out with any of the Blunt or Madd dudes since you know... You live in Aus? haha

I ride with jackson bartlett every now and again, and Warick occasionally but other than that no not really. I hang out with my friends and they hang out with theirs. No big deal. I do ride with rory chris and coedie a lot though I love those guys. Can I just say I watch michigan dudes a lot haha. I have it saved on my computer.
hahaha ohhh shit michigan dudes... (a full length BMX video of my friends that I filmed a few years ago) That video was actually tight for how shitty everything was filmed/edited, most of the Michigan BMX scene was in it. Filmed with a 1 chip sony handycam and kenko fisheye. the good old days. thats funny tho dude that you've watched that. Anyways thats sweet that you ride with those guys. Do you get pretty bummed on how pretty must 80% of the Aus scene is park? And thats how the scooter world sees you guys?
Once you've been watching scooter videos for 5 years you realize that the ones you like are the ones with a good vibe, a really good atmosphere where you can tell what the riders are all about. Everyone knows that when you go down to your local, and all your friends are there, that yeah, you have awesome fun and there is a great vibe, but I just don't think that translates to film well. When I see 4 tricks on the same quarter one after another and a few face shots I get zero atmosphere from that and zero interest. Its not about what tricks theyre doing, because everyone knows the stuff guys are doing now is really really hard, and in good friends with a lot of people who only ride park. I want to see kids riding around their city and get a feel for their scene. That's all. I don't think you get that from watching park, or at least I don't. I think that's the least offensive way I can summarize my feelings haha.

Damn dude that was perfect, haha I totally feel you on that one. It's now always about trick after trick after trick. I think all of us want to know tho, how the fuck did you meet Tyler, The Creator?!

I went to the odd future pop up store on its opening day in Sydney and he was there haha. We chatted for a bit because he liked my shirt. I adore OF so it was a surreal moment.

Thats so sweet! So do you live in Sydney?

Yep lived here the majority of my life. Greatest city in the world baby

Is Sydney the biggest city in all of Aus? It just seems like it would be to me, but what do I know. haha

Yeah it is man. But most people don't know it isn't our capital.

Are the street spots pretty good? Looks like from the Friendly videos theres some dank shit around there

Yeah it's definitely not as good as California or San Fran or any of those places, we have spots, but certain types of spots are impossible to find here. Like its quite hard to find a really decent down rail, and hard to find good ledges nowadays. Ive been looking for a bank to over rail for like 2 years too, never found one. Security guards are all over your asses in the city now too. But yes it you take the time to find things, you'll find what you want for sure.

The spots in California are unreal sometimes, it just seems like they were ment to be skated/rode. Do you think that street riding is going to move to more bigger stuff like sets and rails, or do you think that its going to get more tech like tricking in and out of handrails, switch, ect. in the years to come?

Hmmmm. Good question. I guess there's always guys that'll do both. Can't really say I know the answer to that one.

Alright man, well I think that'll about do it! You wanna give any shoutouts?

Yeah shoutout to biggie smalls and Andrew for hooking me up.

haha sounds goood dude, always good talkin to ya!


  1. This is how every interview should be done. Some legits words right here, hope that this is the direction that our sport will follow. I changed my mind a while ago, but I hope everyone will change their mind.

    Pol Aceña

  2. love the bit about aussie park riding, sometimes those videos are fun to watch just for the tricks, but they tend to all look and feel the same, I like a video with some chill tricks that actually gives you a feel for the rider and his lifestyle etc. Good to have Jackson on the team I'm pumped to ride with him this summer