Monday, January 23, 2012

Andrew Broussard Interview

1) Intro:
My name is Andrew Broussard, I'm 26 years old from San Diego, California and I've been riding scooters for a long time. Over the years I slowly geared my attention towards the industry and started a few businesses out of my passion for the sport. I now do manufacturing and distribution through TGE Distribution (PROTO Scooters & Boxes LTD), retail through Freestyle Depot and nerd out on which is the website that really started it all for me.

2) What is your favorite part about running your own scooter company?
As a scooter rider it would have to be the free parts and the freedom to design and manufacture whatever I want, exactly how I want it to be. It's like the Dream Scooter thread on SR only in real life.

3) What were your thoughts on the PROTO Catalyst DVD?
I loved the way it turned out. Everyone involved put soo much effort into making that movie what it was. It's crazy to look back on it now to see the history of the sport like that especially since things have and still are changing so quickly right now. I feel like it really captured a moment in time and in our sport that we probably won't ever see it again. I can only hope that everyone who sees it can acknowledge and appreciate what it takes to make something like that a reality and I hope that movie acts as a catalyst in our industry to inspire more creative riding and rider based, driven and focused movements. Also, releasing the movie on DVD was arguably a bad decision since the internet effectively destroyed DVD sales but I'm a fan of old skate videos and actually holding a copy of a movie in my hands. On Christmas we released it for free online and it got like 10 times more views than copies of the DVD's sold in 24 hours soo... as long as people are watching it I guess I'm happy.

4) You got to kick it with Travis Pastrana and all of the Nitro Circus gang. Tell us about that experience.
This answer could be very long-winded so I'll just say they are all really awesome, laid back, adrenaline junkies and I loved everything about the time I spent training and touring with them and having such and incredible opportunity to promote my sport in such a real way, not influenced by the business side of things.

5) What can we expect to come out of PROTO this year?
I always have a million plans when time and money allow, but I would like to see everything integrated, backsweep bars, new BUFF bars, 125mm wheels, tools, UBS, maybe a TDI v2 design and I have a design for a pretty cool aluminum fork but I don't know if we will be following that trend just yet. New team, website and video this year as well. We have Brandon Kilbury, Alex Steadman, Dylan Kasson, Chema Cardenas, and Jackson Manzie filming for the next video right now. Mostly everyone else from Catalyst are part of the new PROTO family along with a bunch of other cool people we hook up, all of whom have the opportunity to film and have footage in the video depending on how much work they put in for it. We also just got a new warehouse that is pretty sweet and large so maybe some more promo shop/sesh web videos.

6) Where do you think the sport will be in 5 years?
The sky is the limit really... Having all these mass produced China companies flooding the market is definitely expediting the sports growth, but to be honest I don't really think about it. I just focus on what I have to do right now to make sure my company is as good as it can be and try my best to enjoy going to work and riding when I have time then whatever happens in 5 years just... happens.

7) Rumors are you have been funding Boxes LTD? Is that true? If so, what are your goals?
True. I own 51% of Boxes LTD and handle all manufacturing and distribution. My buddy/filmer since junior high, Kris Anacleto, owns 49% and is the artist, filmer, editor and creative director for the brand on the side of his normal job which is basically all of the above in the skateboard industry. I wanted to get into soft goods but didn't really have the means to do it alone and Kris needed another outlet for his design work so it was a good fit. I guess the goal really is just to fill a void in our industry and to provide a look and feel that scooter riders can rep confidently plus with the team we assembled, we are all on the same page with trying to give the sport a more mature and respectable look.

8) Have you ever thought of getting another job rather than doing just scooter work?
No. I worked enough other jobs before I started these companies to know that this is the only job for me through thick and thin, rich or poor, sickness and health, rain or shine, for better or worse, til death do us part. I would also feel pretty bad if I walked away and let an industry that I have dedicated so much of myself into to get manhandled by a bunch of people and companies who don't actually give a shit about the success of the sport unless that are getting paid. I am here to represent the riders and the power that we have in OUR industry which I feel is something that is severely under-represented at the moment.

9) How long does it take to get your mustache ready?
Ah man that really depends on so many factors like my mood, the humidity and the hangover. I'd say 5 minutes is a pretty good average.

10) Best girl fantasy?
Crowd surfing through time square on a sea of pasty white red heads. No doubt.

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